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Crystal Healing This Taurus Season ✨

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Taking place between 20th April and 20th May, Taurus earth sign is ruled by Venus, shifting our energy towards grounding, stability, practicality, and physical pleasures while creativity and manifestation are heightened.
The Taurus energy is slower moving and more relaxed than the previous Aries season. Our priorities will begin to center around comfort, beauty, sensory enjoyment, and enjoying the fruits of past labors.
We will take this season to focus on, self-care, holistic well-being. the arts, nature, romance, and intimate connections along side finances, values, possessions, and physical health.
Taurus likes luxury and indulgence, so we encourage you to  treat yourself with delicious food, cozy surroundings, comfort, and self-appreciation. This can allow our relationships to deepened as partners learn to appreciate each other through the quality time we spend together.




 Make the most out of this Taurus season with our 5 hand selected crystals, using them in your manifestation, meditation and holistic practices. 


Rhodonite helps reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. Ideal for clearing away emotional wounds and scars from the past, while nurturing love.


Leopard skin Jasper symbolizes qualities like courage, strength, independence, and confidence—attributes people associate with big cats in the wild. Use it to boost your motivation.



Citrine promotes prosperity and abundance as it’s associated with attracting wealth, success, and opportunities.



Moss agate represents the earthy, grounded energy of Taurus. It promotes feelings of stability, safety and comfort. Good for creativity and prosperity.



Green aventurine is a stone that boosts optimism, prosperity and abundance. It’s used to boost career success, money luck and patience.



With love and crystal blessings,

Priscilla at The Healing Lotus 🪷

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