Dive into the dreamy waters of Pisces season 🐟🌊

Dive into the dreamy waters of Pisces season 🐟🌊

Hello Beautiful souls,

Dive into the dreamy waters of Pisces season.  The month ahead is ready for you to embrace your creativity, intuition, and deeper connections.

With your Pisces crystals spend time this month meditating and practicing yoga near water to enhance the flowing Pisces energy.

Follow the link below to your Pisces essentials and navigate the perfect blend between dreams and reality.  🌊✨



Pisces Season


Tap into Pisces reflective, compassionate and intuitive energy with our 5 crystals hand selected to guide you through the heightened spirirtuality of the season. As your emotions and empathy intensify, embrace the spiritual intuition presented to you.
Lean into your tarot, astrology and energy work and let the wave of Pisces wash over you as you navigate to a deeper understanding of yourself.


Flourite Pisces Crystal image for Healing Crystals in Pisces season


Fluorite is considered a stone of protection. It creates a shield around the body to protect from negative energy and external influences. It filters out unhealthy thoughts and emotions. Fluorite is said to enhance mental focus, concentration and memory. It allows more clarity of thought by stimulating the mind. Fluorite can help diffuse anxiety and stress by calming the mind.  Fluorite supports emotional balance and stability. It helps deal with mood swings, anxiety, fear and panic attacks by releasing stress and tension stored in the body.


Moonstone profile for healing crystals in Pisces Season


Moonstone is associated with the moon and feminine energy. It represents intuition, inner wisdom, emotional balance and calmness. Moonstone supports relationships and enhances empathy, compassion and understanding towards others. It improves communication and resolves conflicts.


Amazonite crystal healing profile for Pisces season


Amazonite has associations with communication, intuition, inspiration and self-expression. It is said to open up the throat chakra and promote clear communication. Amazonite is believed to enhance creativity and bring out one's inner talents. It encourages self-confidence and courage to pursue dreams and aspirations. Holding or wearing Amazonite is said to strengthen public speaking abilities.


Larimar crystal healing profile for Pisces Season


Larimar stone opens intuitive abilities and connects one to their inner wisdom and guidance. It enhances psychic awareness. Larimar improves communication skills and self-confidence. It helps express feelings and resolve conflicts. Wearing or carrying Larimar promotes inner peace, tranquility and a peaceful state of mind.


Aquamarine crystal healing profile for Pisces season


Aquamarine aids focus, concentration and enhances communication. It boosts mental clarity for studying, work or creative pursuits.  It instils courage to face fears and boosts confidence in public speaking or performance situations. Carrying aquamarine offers protection during travel and provides emotional protection from toxicity.



Flow with Pisces ♓🐟

Connect with water this Pisces season by taking your meditation and yoga to the waters edge. Incorpriate these two practices  designed to help you tap into the intuitive energies of Pisces season.


Ocean Breath (Ujjayi Pranayama):

Transition into a comfortable seated position with your hands resting on your knees. Begin to breathe deeply through your nose, slightly closing the back of your throat to create a soft whispering sound, like the waves of the ocean. Focus on the sound and rhythm of your breath, letting it guide you deeper into a state of relaxation for several rounds.

Pisces Mudra Meditation:

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and bring your hands together in front of your heart, palms touching. Allow your thumbs to gently press into each other, forming a fish-like shape. As you hold this mudra, visualize the symbol of Pisces with its two fish swimming in opposite directions. Take a moment to reflect on how these represent your intutive and rational sides bringing you balance.


With love and crystal blessings,

Priscilla at The Healing Lotus 🪷

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