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Citrine Scented Candle

Citrine Scented Candle

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Introducing the Citrine Scented Candle by Spitfire Girl – a luxurious fusion of captivating fragrance and the radiant energy of Citrine. Immerse yourself in the warm glow of this hand-poured soy-blend candle, meticulously crafted with the highest quality fragrances and essential oils to elevate your space.

Infused with the inviting essence of Citrine stones, known for drawing luck, abundance, and wealth into your life, this candle is more than just a sensory delight; it's a manifestation of positive energy. Citrine's unique ability to enhance motivation adds an empowering touch to your surroundings, creating an atmosphere of inspiration and prosperity.

Let the alluring fragrance notes of mandarin zest, Italian bergamot, Madagascar vanilla, rose blossom, patchouli, and subtle amber enchant your senses. This 8oz candle offers a generous 35 hours of burn time, allowing you to bask in the uplifting ambiance created by the Citrine Scented Candle.

Designed and crafted by Spitfire Girl, this candle is not just a treat for yourself; it's a thoughtful gift for those you wish to inspire and uplift. Illuminate your space with the warm radiance of Citrine and the captivating scent that transforms any environment into a haven of positivity, abundance, and motivation.

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