Crystal Healing in Cancer ♋

Crystal Healing in Cancer ♋

Hello Beautiful Souls,
As the Sun moves into Cancer, we welcome a season of deep emotional connections, intuition, and nurturing energies.
Cancer, ruled by the Moon, brings forth a time to focus on self-care, home, and family. At Healing Lotus, we’ve curated a special collection of crystals to enhance and support your journey through this introspective and healing season.✨



The crystals associated with Cancer season are often soothing and calming stones that enhance intuition, empathy, bonding, emotional healing, nurturing abilities, and inner strength/wisdom. They protect and empower one's domestic/familial relationships.




Cancer Season with Summer Solstice ☀️♋

Summer solstice takes place this year on June 20th, the first day of the Cancer season.  This celebration of the sun marks the longest day of the year and the official start of summer for us in the Northern Hemisphere.
The solstice and Cancer season are so deeply interconnected with both symbolizing growth, nurturing, and emotional abundance.
The summer solstice is a time when nature is at its peak, with long days and energizing sunlight. This is what gives us the themes of growth and vitality. Similarly, Cancer, ruled by the Moon, embodies nurturing, protection, and emotional depth. So we take these two themes and when interlinked we get a time where our focus is on nourishing our body and soul, much like how mother nature nourishes its plants and creatures during the summer.
The increased solar energy from the sun at its peak illuminates the qualities of Cancer's associations with emotions, intuition, and the inner world. This encourages us to form deeper connections with our feelings and instincts. 
This summer solstice I invite you to channel the light of the sun with a reflection inward, focusing on your own personal growth, emotional healing, and creating a warm and supportive environment for yourself and your family.



☀️Celebrating the Summer Solstice and Cancer Season ☀️

Create a Sacred Space Set up a special area in your home or garden with summer-themed decorations, dream catchers, your crystals, and items that represent the Sun and Moon. This space can be used for meditation, reflection, and celebrating the solstice.
Connect with Nature Get outdoors, soaking up the very best of the sun's energy.  I love a walk with nature and picnics to celebrate the abundance of summer.
Get your Solstice Gathering on!  Get your girls together for a solstice celebration. Whatever your go-to may be, a nice dinner, a bonfire on the beach, or a few drinks watching the sunset, this gathering is your time to set intentions for not only for your own personal growth but for building stronger connections with those you love. 
Reflect and Set Intentions with Journaling The solstice is a powerful time for reflection and appreciating the abundance in your life. Write down your goals and intentions for the coming months. Focus on areas where you want to grow, nurture relationships, and build on your emotional well-being.


Embrace Self-Care Cancer season is about nurturing yourself and there is no better time to do this than with the warmth of the sun glowing around you. However you like to treat yourself do it so with mindfulness and self-love. 
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