Collection: Smudge & Mist Spray

Smudging is a cleansing ritual practiced by some Indigenous cultures, especially in North and South America. It generally involves the burning of sacred plants like sage, cedar, or sweetgrass to produce smoke. The smoke is then used to purify a person or space by "smudging" or waving the smoke around with feathers or the hands.


Some of the main purposes of smudging include:


• Cleansing or purification: Smudging is used to cleanse a person or space of negative energy, spirits, or bad vibes. The smoke and herbs are believed to have cleansing and purifying properties.


• Healing: Smudging can be part of healing rituals to aid spiritual, emotional and physical healing. The smoke and herbs are thought to have healing and restorative energies.


• Blessing or consecrating: Smudging can be part of ceremonies used to bless or consecrate a person, object or space. The smoke blesses and makes things sacred.


• Starting ceremonies: Smudging is commonly done at the beginning of ceremonies or rituals to purify and focus participants. The smoke sets the mood and intention for the ceremony.


• Protection: Smudging can be used to ward off negative influences and provide spiritual protection. The smoke acts as a shield of positive energy.


In summary, smudging is a spiritual ritual used for purification, cleansing, healing, blessing and protection through the smoke of sacred herbs. The specific practice and herbs used vary among different Indigenous cultures.