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Double Action Reversible Candle

Double Action Reversible Candle

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Double Action Reversible Candle – Remove, release and return any negative energy, even blocks spell work that is keeping you from attaining your goal, intentions or desires.

A Double Action Reversible Spell candle has two colors each holding a very significant meaning.  The first color, which is on top represents what you desire or want to happen. The second color is where the real magic begins. When the candle begins to burn the black it removes, releases and returns the negativity sent to you. In returning the bad energy or blockage that has been put on your path you will find things starting to clear for you.

This candle begins to immediately release the hold or block as soon as it begins to burn. There begins a liberation and freedom from the “bondage” of the problem, person, or thing.

The Double Action Reversible Spell Candle is great for removing curses from yourself. This Spell Candle will also break a love curse and it’ll break a streak of bad luck.

Reversing a curse: If you are the target of a curse and feel it is time to send it back from whence it came a Double Action Reversible Spell Candle is just what you’re looking for.

Double Action reversible candle 8" Vision Candle

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