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Basalt Dark Lava Rock Tumbled Stone 1pc

Basalt Dark Lava Rock Tumbled Stone 1pc

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Basalt is a dark, iconic rock that forms when lava rapidly cools. Many famous geological structures, including the Giant's Causeway in the UK and the Devil’s Postpile in California, are made from basalt. Though relatively uniform in color and texture, the rock may take on many fascinating shapes, ranging from towering, perfectly angled hexagonal columns to billowy basalt pillows (formed when lava cools underwater).

An igneous, or volcanic, rock that formed due to the rapid cooling of lava that has been exposed to the open air or near the surface, it features a glassy matrix that is interspersed with minerals. Usually grey to black in color, it is known to weather rapidly to a brown or red because of the oxidization of the iron-rich minerals that are contained within it.

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