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7 Chakra Chips Tree of Life Silver Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant with Black Cord Necklace

7 Chakra Chips Tree of Life Silver Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant with Black Cord Necklace

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The heart shape represents love, compassion, caring for someone and having them close to your heart. It conveys an emotional message.

The wire wrapping the heart signifies protection, strength and connection. It shows your desire to protect and support the recipient.

Chakra chips represent the seven major chakras (energy centers) of the body. Each chip corresponds to a different chakra and its attributes. Wearing chakra stones is believed to bring balance to the chakra system.

 As a pendant, it signifies keeping the recipient close to your heart and energy field. The chakra stones aim to enhance their overall well-being and spiritual/personal growth.

Combined, a heart wire chakra chips pendant symbolizes caring for someone with your whole being - emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It shows your desire to support their balance, strength and higher self.

Given as a gift, it conveys deep affection as well as thoughtful consideration for the recipient's complete health/happiness. It's a nurturing and meaningful symbol of your bond. 

Gifting something with a tree of life symbol says you want your connection to be lifelong, continuously thriving and tapping into collective wisdom - that your love and its impacts will stand the test of time. It's a profound symbolic gesture.

In essence, this pendant represents a holistic love that aims to strengthen and protect and support the other person in body, mind and spirit. The recipient would feel truly cared for at every level by such a thoughtful, symbolic gift.

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