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Om Lotus Flower Wood Ash Incense Burner

Om Lotus Flower Wood Ash Incense Burner

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Om Lotus Flower Wood Incense Burner 

This extra wide wooden incense burner features a hand carved cross hatched pattern along it's top surface. Also hand carved at the bottom of the incense holder is a sacred Om symbol with Lotus flower petals.

Whether you are simply burning incense to fill your space with a lovely aroma or whether you are using incense as a part of your spiritual practice, utilizing this incense burner may help to raise your vibration and add a touch of unique spiritual decor to your space.

Om Symbol

Om is an ancient sacred symbol found in many cultures and religions that is thought to represent the primordial sound of the Universe (among having other meanings as well). Chanting Om aloud, meditating upon it's meaning, and displaying it in your space may all be ways to help you raise your vibration and to connect with Source energy.

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