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Feng Shui Polyresin Gold Colored Ganesha on Lotus

Feng Shui Polyresin Gold Colored Ganesha on Lotus

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The Ganesha statue, revered as the embodiment of wisdom and remover of obstacles, stands gracefully with its captivating presence. The intricately crafted features, such as the elephant head and the serene expression, depict Ganesha's divine essence and symbolize auspicious beginnings.

This Ganesha idol is called 'CHATURBHUJ GANESHA' which means the one who has four hands. Each hand symbolizes a different meaning according to Hindu mythology. Made from resin, this statue is easy to clean. Bring this Ganesha Statue to your home and show devotion to Ganesha- Remover of all obstacles. It can be a great gifting option for this festive season.

He is the patron of arts, crafts, sculptures and the remover of all obstacles. He is also considered as lord of astrology, action and god of harvest (particularly for sugarcane growers).


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