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Red Mini Chime Ritual Spell Candles 4”

Red Mini Chime Ritual Spell Candles 4”

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Red 4' candles ( 4 pcs.)

There are no soft and subtle shifts when it comes to red candle magic. This is a color of action and energy. Even when you know what you are expecting, you may be surprised. This is a good color to burn when you are looking for a fresh start, but not if you are wanting to ease into something new. Red candles are like lighting the fuse on a rocket. Red candles are best known as a catalyst for love, particularly physical love. Burn red candles in rituals for sex, passion, and lust. Additionally, red candles should be used in spells to boost courage and confidence. They can bolster your willpower when your determination feels like it's at low ebb. If you feel weak or threatened, burn red candles for protection. Red is the color of conflict. Use red candles to release your inner warrior. Red candles can be burned in healing spells, especially in cases of injuries. It is also good for childbirth. The element of fire should be represented by red candles. This color is also good when you are decorating your altar for Imbolc or Yule.

The Red Mini Chime Ritual Spell Candles measure approximately 4" tall and 1/2" in diameter, and come in sets of four.

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