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Laguna Moon 100% Cinnamon Oil

Laguna Moon 100% Cinnamon Oil

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Ignite a sense of warmth and rejuvenation in your holistic massage practice with our exquisite 100% Cinnamon Essential Oil. Infused with the captivating blend of wood, spice, and sweetness, this aromatic treasure awakens the senses and brings a comforting touch.

Use the harmonious Cinnamon Essential Oil within your massage techniques, or diffuser as its invigorating aroma, creating an atmosphere of soothing indulgence. Each drop embodies the purity of nature, offering you a versatile tool for enhancing your holistic well-being.

Crafted for both relaxation and stimulation, Cinnamon Essential Oil is your perfect companion in the realm of aromatherapy. Let it infuse your therapy space through diffusion, vaporization, or an oil burner, enveloping you and your client in a cocoon of pure comfort.

Unveil the transformative power of Cinnamon Essential Oil and let its aromatic embrace guide you through a holistic experience that renews your spirit and revitalizes your senses. Embrace the harmonious synergy between ancient wisdom and modern well-being, and allow the essence of cinnamon to ignite a flame of holistic healing within you.

For external use only 10ml (0.33 fl oz) dark colored bottles with European dropper for no leaks, preserving the integrity and freshness of the oils. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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