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Laguna Moon 100% Geranium Oil

Laguna Moon 100% Geranium Oil

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Geranium essential oils have a unique floral scent historically used in aromatherapy, perfumes, and cosmetics. A few drops of Geranium essential oil are also said to enhance feelings of positivity and calmness. 

Geranium essential oil, with its unique floral scent and historical ties to aromatherapy, perfumes, and cosmetics, offers a wide range of applications in holistic practice. Its versatile properties make it a valuable addition to your holistic wellness routine. Here are some ways geranium oil can be used in holistic practice:

Aromatherapy: Inhaling the delightful aroma of geranium oil through diffusion or inhalation can have a positive impact on your emotional well-being. It's known to enhance feelings of positivity, calmness, and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for aromatherapy sessions.

Holistic Massage: Incorporate geranium oil into your massage practice by blending it with a carrier oil. Its soothing properties can help ease tension, promote relaxation, and uplift the spirit, enhancing the overall holistic massage experience.

Holistic Bathing: Create a tranquil and rejuvenating bath experience by adding geranium oil to your bathwater. The aromatic steam can uplift your mood and provide a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Natural Perfume: Use geranium oil as a natural perfume by applying a diluted blend to your pulse points. Its pleasing floral scent can evoke feelings of positivity and calmness throughout the day.

Room Spray: Create a calming and uplifting atmosphere in your living spaces by making a room spray with geranium oil. It can promote a sense of positivity and balance.

Holistic Facials: Incorporate geranium oil into your holistic facial routine. Its gentle nature and aromatic qualities can enhance the overall soothing and rejuvenating experience.

Chakra Balancing: Some holistic practitioners use geranium oil to support chakra balancing, particularly the heart chakra, due to its association with emotional well-being and positivity.

Always ensure proper dilution when using geranium oil topically and follow safety guidelines. Consider your individual preferences and needs as you explore the versatile uses of geranium oil in your holistic practice, allowing its soothing and uplifting properties to contribute to your overall well-being.

10ml (0.33 fl oz) dark colored bottles with European dropper for no leaks, preserving the integrity and freshness of the oils. For external use, Do NOT take any aromatherapy oils internally without consulting a qualified professional. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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