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New Directions Aromatics Thyme Oil

New Directions Aromatics Thyme Oil

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As the warm and earthy notes of Thyme Essential Oil fill the air, they create an ambiance of vitality and grounding. The aromatic potency of this oil can help stimulate mental clarity and focus, making it an ideal choice for mindfulness and relaxation during your massage session.

During holsitic massage, when diluted in a carrier oil, Thyme Essential Oil can provide a soothing touch that eases muscle tension and promotes relaxation. Its potential to invigorate the senses can also contribute to an overall sense of revitalization and energy helping you find inner peace and balance.

Certified Organics: This Organic Oil is NOP Certified. The National Organic Program develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards for organic agricultural products. The QAI also accredits the certifying agents (foreign and domestic) who inspect organic production and handling operations to certify that they meet USDA standards.

Botanical Name: Thymus saturejoides

Main Constituents:
Borneol: 25 - 35%

Plant Part: Leaves

Size: 1/2 fl.oz

Origin: Morocco

Processing Method: Steam Distilled

Description / Color / Consistency: A thin, clear, pale yellow liquid.

Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma: A top note with a strong aroma, Thyme has a woody, medicinal scent described as spicy and green.

Product Abstract: Thyme is an evergreen perennial shrub that grows up to 45 cm (18 inches) in height. It has a woody root system with a multi-branched stem, and small elliptical greenish-grey leaves. This variety is native to Morocco. Thyme is derived from the Greek word thymos that means 'perfume'. It was used in herbal medicines by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans, as incense in Greek temples, and in embalming by the Egyptians. During the Middle Ages it was given to jousting knights for courage, and a sprig of thyme was later carried into courtrooms to ward off diseases (as well as to freshen the air). It has been popular as a flavouring agent in foods for Millenia.

Cautions: Thyme contains a high amount of thymol that can irritate mucus membranes, and must be diluted well before use. Avoid use if under the care of a medical practitioner. May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with eyes should be avoided.

NOTE: This oil may form crystals during transit or storage at lower temperatures. Gentle warming in a hot water bath while stirring is suggested.

Storage: It is recommended that oils packaged in metal containers (for safe shipping) be transferred into dark glass containers to maintain freshness and attain maximum shelf life.

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