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Colonia Yoruba Oshun 100%Formula Original

Colonia Yoruba Oshun 100%Formula Original

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Admired for her sensuality, beauty, love and fertility, Oshun, the goddess of love of the Yoruba people, was known to be a generous and kind goddess with a touch of a hidden stormy temper that rarely surfaces.
Oshun was portrayed as a beautiful and glamorous young woman with a deep love of gold, jewels and fabulous clothes… but she was the goddess of beauty.
This cologne is a tribute to the goddess found in every woman... a dualistic Cologne. One part sensual, tender, sexy and another part, strong and determined.

Be careful which part you want to activate 

Natural Room Spray(100 Ml.)

An aromatic, uplifting blend of essential oils. Spray in the air, on carpets, bedding and room

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