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Om Tye-Dye Tapestry

Om Tye-Dye Tapestry

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Om is a sacred sound, syllable, mantra, and an invocation in Hinduism and is one of the most important symbols. It is said to be the essence of the supreme absolute consciousness, or the cosmic world. In many traditions, Om serves as a representation of the divine. 

 72" L x 46" W this tapestry can be hung on the wall, placed on table tops, altar spaces and can also be used as a throw sheet for bedding and chairs.

"Please iron tapestries on the lowest heat setting possible. Tapestries are delicate and can be easily damaged by high temperatures. Use a press cloth between the iron and the fabric. Apply light pressure and smooth out wrinkles in sections. Stop ironing immediately if you notice any discoloration, bubbling or other damage. Tapestries should only require light steaming or ironing on low heat. We are not responsible for any damage caused during the ironing process."

•Use the lowest heat setting 

•Apply a press cloth barrier

•Light pressure, smooth in sections

•Stop immediately if you see damage 

•Tapestries only require light steaming or low heat ironing

•Manufacturer not responsible for ironing damage

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