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Pisces Zodiac Kit with Organza Bag

Pisces Zodiac Kit with Organza Bag

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Pisces charm is an element of Water. You can be exceptionally emotional and highly sensitive, which makes you compassionate and intuitive.

"Pisces" and symbol of the Fish, then plated in antique gold or antique silver.

Fluorite Tumbled- A protective stone that shields against negativity and enhances mental focus, clarity, and emotional stability. It’s great for calming anxiety and stress.

Moonstone Tumbled- Linked with the moon, it nurtures intuition, emotional balance and harmony in relationships, fostering empathy and communication.

Aquamarine Tumbled- Boosts focus and mental clarity, encourages courage in facing fears, and offers protection during travel.  Ideal for clear communication and emotional safeguarding. 

Larimar Tumbled- Enhances intuitive abilities and psychic awareness, improves communication, and promotes inner peace and tranquility.

Amazonite Tumbled- Supports clear communication, boosts creativity and strengthens self-confidence.  Ideal for public speaking and expressing inner talents.

An Okun Yemaya Amulet represents invoking the watchful, nurturing spirit of the great orisha of motherhood and the ocean to bless the bearer with her reassuring grace, strength, and fruitfulness.


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