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Woodcut Round Incense Stick Holder Celestial Sun

Woodcut Round Incense Stick Holder Celestial Sun

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Wood Round Incense Holder White Washed - Celestial Sun (Each).

This white-washed wooden incense holder features a regal sun.

The sun is a symbol of power, life force and energy. It is the giver of light and warmth, and has been associated with many positive attributes throughout history. In some cultures, such as Ancient Egyptian culture, the sun was seen as a deity that could bring life to things that were once dead. The sun was also seen as a symbol of hope, rebirth and resurrection.

Measuring 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches. Materials: 1/4" Baltic Birch.
Laser engraved and cut. For use with stick incense with wooden stem only. Not for use with cone incense.
Handcrafted in San Diego, California.

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